online distance education- Mission Statement

When searching for an online distance education school, there are many issues which are important to consider. Our online format allows the parents to have a hands-on approach to teaching using all of our resources and knowledge. When we all work together as a unit, it helps your family to facilitate a more cohesive approach to a better education and learning experience. We offer math, science, social studies, English and some electives.

Mission Statement

Internet Home School was established to provide Internet Educational Services for all students, including all special needs and gifted students. IHS is successful where the conventional school system has failed. We adopt as our mission statement, these following goals:

  • To develop creative new ways to use technology for learning.
  • To demonstrate new models for homebound instructional strategies.
  • To Integrate innovative learning technologies into the curriculum.
  • To demonstrate a commitment to school reform and technology integration.
  • To create compatible instructional technology to facilitate sound teaching skills in the areas of Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics and the Sciences.

Our Philosophy

The Internet Home School’s philosophy believes that the parents have the right to choose the learning system for their own child. The home is the optimum environment to induce and promote learning.

Through our dedicated staff and proven teaching techniques, we will work with you to personalize your child’s education. We offer accredited instruction with certified teachers. Whether your child is falling through the cracks or just does not “fit” in the local public school system, we provide an interesting and challenging alternative in better education.

We have been helping students and parents since 1997, and we have effectively pioneered the field of online distance education. It is very important to us that we provide our expertise and affordable technology to every student in need. Your child can start at any time, at any level, and work at his/her own pace. We encourage families to work together to help our students to achieve the best results that they can

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