10th Grade

10th Grade Curriculum

Math – Geometry

Geometry includes all topics in a high school geometry course, including perspective, space, and dimension associated with practical and axiomatic geometry. Students learn how to apply and calculate measurements of lengths, heights, circumference, areas, and volumes. Geometry introduces trigonometry and allows students to work with transformations. Students will use logic to create proofs and constructions and will work with key geometry theorems and proofs



English 2 – Literature Platinum is organized by genre to encourage a comprehensive study of the types of literature.

  • The following list shows the units and sections within each unit.
  • The Short Story: Plot, Characterization, Point of View, Setting, Symbol, Tone and Irony, and Theme.
  • Drama: Three full-length Plays
  • Nonfiction: Biographies and Personal Accounts, Types of Essays, Essays in the Arts and Sciences
  • Poetry: Narrative Poetry, Dramatic Poetry, Lyric Poetry, The Speaker and tone, Imagery and Figurative
  • Language, Musical Devices, Forms, and Themes
  • The Heroic Tradition
  • The Novel: Two complete novels

Features at the end of the selection are designed to foster comprehension and encourage constructive response, either personal or literary. The study questions are built upon four levels of comprehension: the personal response, the literal, the interpretive, and the applied. These features encourage the growth of skills needed by students to become independent readers. Each unit ends with two complete writing lessons. Each lesson focuses on a form of writing and guides students through the writing process

Science – Biology

A Proven Approach to Biology

A science as exciting, adaptive, and challenging as biology can’t be re­enacted in an ordinary textbook. It needs a bold, fearless approach—one that puts the power of a new program and new ways of thinking directly into the hands of you and your students. Miller & Levine Biology allows you to communicate your love of science to your students in a way that will engage them and offer support for every type of learner.

Social Studies – World History

Click Here for description of World History


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