8th Grade

8th grade Curriculum


8th-grade students are placed in one of the 3 levels depending on ability
Math 8, Algebra 1/2, Algebra 1



Literature is organized by genre to encourage a comprehensive study of the types of literature. The following list shows the units and sections within each unit.

  • The Short Story: Plot, Character, Point of View, Setting, and Theme
  • Drama: One-act Plays, a full-length play
  • Nonfiction: Biographies and Personal Accounts, Essays for Enjoyment, Essays in the Content Areas
  • Poetry: Narrative Poetry, Lyric Poetry, Imagery and Figurative Language, Facets of Nature, Perceptions, and Choices
  • American Myths, Legends, and Folktales
  • The Novel: A Complete Novel

English also includes Spectrum Writing.

Social Studies

Social Studies –  This author teaches history through stories, true stories. Hopefully understanding the past will help students make sense of the present.
The year includes 4 textbooks:


This program introduces students to the basic concepts and principles of life, earth, and physical science and builds the fundamental science skills students of all ability levels need to succeed. The program is supported with expanded real-world activities, test preparation, and comprehensive reviews that help students make the important connections between science and their own lives. In addition, students are encouraged to apply newly learned concepts using hands-on discovery through lab exercises and enrichment activities.


  • Makes content accessible for all students with strong, essential vocabulary support integrated throughout the program
  • Improves student comprehension by providing manageable and relevant lessons that teach single concepts
  • Helps students link science content to life with relevant, full-page chapter features such as Science on the Job and Science in Your LifeTable of Contents: The Wonders of Science, Life Science: Part I, Life Science: Part II, Physical Science: Part I, Physical Science: Part II, Earth Science: Part I, and Earth Science: Part IIThe Student Text builds students’ knowledge in critical content areas and features controlled vocabulary support, high-interest graphics.

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