7th Grade

7th Grade Curriculum


Math  – Basic mathematical concepts and skills are reviewed and reinforced.

  • Concepts
  • procedures

vocabulary needed to succeed in upper-level mathematics courses are introduced and developed incrementally with continual practice. Math 87 includes the study of:

  • fractions
  • decimals
  • percents
  • ratios; perimeter
  • circumference
  • area
  • volume
  • exponents
  • scientific notation
  • signed numbers

Students continually practice problem-solving techniques through word problems.


  • 1st Quarter – The Nature of Science and Heredity: The Code of Life
  • 2nd quarter- Exploring the Universe and Motion Forces and Energy
  • 3rd quarter Heat Energy and Dynamic Earth
  • 4th quarter Chemistry of Matter and Ecology:

Language Arts

English Literature –
Literature is organized by genre to encourage  a comprehensive study of the types of literature. The following list shows the units and sections within each unit.

  • The Short Story: Plot, Character, Setting, and Theme
  • Drama: Three Plays
  • Nonfiction: Biographies and Personal Accounts, Essays for Enjoyment, Essays in the Content Areas
  • Poetry: Narrative Poetry, Lyric Poetry, Imagery and Figurative Language, The Changing Seasons, People in their Variety
  • Myth and Folk Tales Around the World: Animal Fables, Tricksters, Rascals, Fools, and Transformations and Origins
  • The Novel: A complete novel Features at the end of the selection are designed to foster comprehension and encourage constructive response, either personal or literary. The study questions are built upon four levels of comprehension: the personal response, the literal, the interpretive, and the applied. These features encourage the growth of skills needed by students to become independent readers. Each unit ends with two complete writing lessons. Each lesson focuses on a form of writing and guides students through the writing process.
  • Spectrum Writing grade 7- Our proven Spectrum Writing grade 7 workbook features 136 pages of writing fundamentals. Recently updated to current national standards, including revised sequencing for smooth transition between skills, along with new nonfiction activities. This workbook for children ages 12 to 13 includes activities that reinforce topics to ensure writing proficiency. Writing skills include: ~Topic ~Parts of writing ~Dialogue ~Emotional appeals ~Writing process Our best-selling Spectrum Writing series features age-appropriate workbooks for Preschool to grade 8. Developed with the latest standards-based teaching methods that provide targeted practice in vocabulary fundamentals to ensure successful learning

Social Studies

Social Studies – are studies of American History.

The First Americans

Making Thirteen Colonies
From Colonies to Country
This author teaches history through stories, true stories.  Hopefully understanding the past will help students make sense of the present.

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