1st Grade

1st Grade Curriculum

1st Grade Curriculum

Math 1

Math 1 – Online
• Skip count by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, Compare and order numbers, Identify place value to 100,Identify ordinal position to tenth
•Identify a sorting rule,,Identify and extend patterns,,Solve routine and non routine problems, Master all basic addition facts and most of the basic subtraction facts More

Science 1

Each unit contains a balance between key science content and hands-on activities that support each lesson More

Language Arts 1

•Lost and Found stories, Land and Sea stories, Smile stories, Long Ago stories, More


Weekly worksheets for the following:

Spelling 1

Sounds and Letters of the alphabet, Words to Remember, Words with e and ee, Words with o and y Long a, Long i and o More

 Social Studies 1

Social Studies – All about People and Places More

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