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Homeschooling for a while? Tired of finding the curriculum, buying textbooks and preparing a daily lesson plan? We can do it all for you and for as little as $100.00 per month. Maybe you are new to homeschooling.

Maybe you are new to homeschooling. We can help you fill out the necessary paperwork, every parent does an online orientation so that we can fully explain how our program works.

The tuition includes teacher support and the use of our textbooks (you only pay for postage); plus, the credits earned are accredited by AdvancED and are transferable to a college or educational facility.

Our online curriculum is divided into 10 weeks per quarter, 4 quarters per credit, but our students work at their own pace.

Our system includes activity logging, an automatic grade book (when the work is grading the grade book automatically updates to the current grade, and the answer keys are provided to the parents that are grading the daily coursework (if you choose that option).

Everything you need in one spot, just think how much work it will save you for very little money each month.

Want to start right away?

Enrollment takes about a day, students can start immediately.

Students that attend the Internet Home School inherently develop necessary skills that are carried directly into their professions and throughout their lives.

We use the latest technologies to enhance the long-distance learning experience. Our online certified teachers help students achieve their goals on a daily basis prove to be an extremely effective approach to K12 success along with a custom tailored courses and schedules that fit our student’s lifestyle.

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