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Are you looking for an online home school for your student that includes Math, Science, Social Studies and English? Please consider our online private school, INTERNET HOME SCHOOL

  • Accreditation  Our School is a leading online k-12 institution and we are nationally and internationally accredited. We are actually a private online school, not a homeschool, because of our accreditation. One of the many benefits that this brings to you is that credits earned at IHS will transfer to any other accredited institution. Students have the option of starting in any quarter of the school year without a pause or discontinuity.
    Students have access to our comprehensive curriculum in all elementary, junior high, & high school grade levels including Language Arts, Science, Maths, and Social Studies.

  • Online Enrollment Form  Easy to fill out and email. Get started right away!

  • Certified Teachers – Our instructors are certified and have years of internet based teaching experience. Above all, they possess a skill-set that brings your child the best digital education in the most effective manner. IHS students have access to an affordable, self-paced, tailored curriculum that is focused on the needs of the individual child. Whether special needs, gifted or college bound, your child’s education is based on a proven one-on-one, high-quality success model. We are proud to offer extensive tutoring in Maths. Imagine having your own private math tutor accessible to you for on the spot questions, regularly scheduled interactive sessions with audio and interactive whiteboard sessions.

  • Start Anytime, At Any Level: All courses are partitioned into 4 quarters. If a student has completed the 1st quarter at another school he/she can start in the 2nd quarter at our school ect….
  •  Affordable – Choose Your Payment Plan: Tuition is based upon the level of parent participation. In the least expensive plan, parents grade the coursework. Refer to the tuition page for detailed information.

  • Live, online Individualized meetings with the teachers: We feel that most students need some time with their teachers, students can set up times to meet one on one several times a week, depending on the tuition plan that you choose.

  •  Personalized Instruction for students in Grades 1 through 12th (Curriculum Page) we don’t like “busy work” so an example would be if a student does well on his/her math assignments and knows the material we will cut down the problems on each page of math.

  • Your child’s education is important to us. There is no need to wait. You can enroll anytime at any grade level. Textbooks are provided on loan to you with no additional costs other than a minimal shipping charge.

Instantly eliminate all forms of public school bullying, intimidation, peer pressure, traffic, bus schedules, and teacher bias, packing lunches, all while in the comfort/safety of your own home or business. Take Advantage & Sign Up Now

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