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K12 education, private school, homeschool

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Get your K12 Education for your child today!

We are an online private school that includes Math, Science, Social Studies, English and Electives for all grade levels.


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Certified Teachers

Start Anytime, At Any Level

Affordable Tuition Option

Live, online Individualized meetings with the teachers

Personalized Instruction

 Your child’s education is important to us. There is no need to wait. You can enroll anytime at any grade level. Textbooks are provided on loan to you with no additional costs other than a minimal shipping charge.

Instantly eliminate all forms of public school bullying, intimidation, peer pressure, traffic, bus schedules, and teacher bias, packing lunches, all while in the comfort/safety of your own home or business.

K12 education, Private school, Homeschool


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